World Finals 2023

2023 World Finals - Everything you need to know!

Get ready for the highly anticipated 2023 F1 in Schools World Finals, scheduled to take place from the 10th to the 14th of September.

Abdul Rehman September 6, 2023
2018 Singapore World Finalists - Reaction Racing F1 in Schools

In a departure from the virtual and hybrid formats of the 2021 and 2022 editions, respectively, the 2023 World Finals are making a bold return to in-person competition. With nearly 70 teams set to participate, this marks a significant moment for the F1 in Schools event, as it marks the first in-person competition since 2019.

The list of competing teams for the 2023 World Finals can be found here

In a notable departure from previous regulations, the 2023 World Finals are implementing substantial changes. Introducing new standard components, such as the Halo and the driver’s helmet, stands out as a major shift. The Halo, a critical safety feature in Formula One cars, has been integrated into the F1 in Schools World Finals, posing a new challenge to all teams whilst also leading to a new generation of F1 in Schools cars. Additionally, teams now have the opportunity to use a Halo deceleration system, which has been introduced to address concerns about rear wing breakages due to the bristles in the previous system.

Another exciting addition to the competition is the Nose Cone Replacement Challenge. This challenge tasks a team member with the speedy removal and replacement of the car’s nose cone assembly within a tight 60-second window. This novel challenge not only tests a team’s technical expertise but also adds an element of speed and precision to the competition. Furthermore, a new award awaits the team that achieves the fastest time in this challenge, recognizing their exceptional performance in this skill-based event.

The massive increase in participating teams can be attributed to the consistent delay of the competition on the global stage, while national competitions have not suffered as much. As a result, countries like Australia and Germany are sending two sets of teams, with 6 teams each, 3 from each national final. We are also seeing new countries such as Poland participate in the world finals for the first time. 

In summary, the 2023 F1 in Schools World Finals are set to captivate audiences with their return to in-person competition at the iconic Resorts World Sentosa. With new regulations, including the incorporation of a new manufacturing and engineering challenge in the Halo, and engaging challenges such as the Nose Cone Replacement Challenge, this year’s event promises to be a remarkable showcase of innovation, skill, and teamwork in the world of F1 in schools.

Abdul Rehman is a UK correspondent. He is the Team Principal and Technical Engineer of Inferno, the 2023 UK National champions who will be representing the United Kingdom at the 2024 World Finals.

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