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2022 F1 in Schools World Finals: Which teams are the most consistent?

Analysis by Off The Track has revealed interesting information on the performance of teams at the 2022 F1 in Schools World Finals.

George Stonor July 13, 2022
Off The Track has analysed the data from the 2022 F1 in Schools World Finals to reveal insights previously unseen. F1 in Schools

With all time trial racing complete, our analysis at Off The Track has shown some interesting results, so here’s the break down:

Firstly, the overall times. Similar to last year, the results shown on the livestream of just the single fastest time do not show the whole story. The average results—found by finding the mean value of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th fastest times for each team—mean more for teams as it determines the points from racing and the seedings for the knock-out competition.

Thanks to the hard work of João Rosa from Brazil who collated all the results, we present below a table of the teams with the 20 fastest single times and fastest average times.

Please note that these timings have been collected from the F1 in Schools livestream and whilst we have tried our hardest to ensure all data is correct, there is the possibility of errors.

We see BLACKOUT jumping up from third to first when looking at average times. Eclipse still stay strong in second place and get a new for this year bonus 10 points for the single fastest time. More significantly we see Hydron moving up from 14th to third. But as Hydron slide up, Greco Racing Team slide from second to 15th.

But there are plenty of other pieces of data of interest. Each year there is talk of which lane is faster. Analysis by Off The Track has been able to show that lane two is on average only two milliseconds faster than lane one. This difference is so small that given the number of trials it is statistically insignificant. The same statistically insignificant difference was found between A and B cars showing a relatively consistent quality of production between the two vehicles teams are required to produce under the regulations.

It will be interesting to see how cars perform in the knock-out racing on the Wednesday of competition. A previous article from Off The Track discusses how knock-outs have historically been a good predictor of overall winners despite accounting for very few points and in 2022, no points.

George Stonor is a UK correspondent. He was the Team Principal and Lead Engineer of 2019 F1 in Schools World Champions, Evolve UK.

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